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Restoring the Breach: A Conversation Between Practitioners in Africa

Too often, a truncated gospel message has accompanied our outreach efforts. As Scott Allen has written elsewhere, an artificial division between personal faith and daily life leaves a fragmented Christianity, full of gaps. The effects are perhaps nowhere more obvious than … Continue reading

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What is Christian Development?

People are always asking me: “Where did you get these ideas that you write and talk about?” “What books or articles have you found to be helpful in your understanding of worldview as it relates to poverty and development?” To … Continue reading

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William Carey: Missionary Extraordinaire

Mission Frontiers is the journal published by the U.S. Center for World Mission founded by the late Dr. Ralph Winter. We are excited and grateful that this premier missionary publication is printing this excerpt from Scott Allen’s new book, Beyond the Sacred-Secular … Continue reading

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The Visible Results of the Gospel

About ten years ago I began to feel restless about the work of the missionary organization I was part of. To be sure, there was lots to be happy about. We had dedicated missionaries very effective at building relationships in … Continue reading

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Where is the Secular World?

I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Christian Overman for his very generous review of my new book Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry. Dr. Overman is founding director of Seattle-based Worldview Matters. He wrote: While reading this book, at times I … Continue reading

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Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry

We have some exciting news! Scott Allen’s newest Bible study book has just been released from YWAM Publishing and is titled, Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry. It is available through June 30 for 30% off the … Continue reading

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Whether you Eat or Drink…Do It All for the Glory of God

In my last entry, I mentioned the Latin phrase “Coram Deo,” which means “before the face of God.” All of life is to be lived before the face of God and to His glory. There is no higher, no lower—no sacred, no … Continue reading

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