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No Hope for Today?

Darrow Miller, in an article entitled Agriculture and the Kingdom of God, includes this compelling example of what can happen when missionaries lose sight of the extent of God’s Big Agenda: About twenty years ago, evangelical missionaries moved into the … Continue reading

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Only God Transforms; Only God Deserves the Glory

“Transformation” is a current hot topic in the church and in missiological circles. In general Christian usage, the concept reflects a movement from darkness to light – from individual and societal brokenness caused by sin toward the healing of that … Continue reading

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Time to Stand with the People of Japan

Calling all DNA champions, supporters, partners, and friends, The news coming out of Japan is horrific. Last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami wrought the biggest disaster to strike that nation since the end of World War II. As of this writing, … Continue reading

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Kings Aren’t Elected

Elections are good occasions to remind us two things about earthly leaders: First, they derive their authority from an ultimate administrator, and second, the purposes of that Administrator will indeed prevail on the earth. Jesus taught us to pray Thy … Continue reading

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Transformational Development in Peru

I have often been impressed with the way the Chalmers Center works through indigenous churches to help locals come to understand their own abilities, resources, and dignity while helping them emerge from impoverished circumstances.  Their recent newsletter showcased one example … Continue reading

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 5 & Final

The City on the Hill The Great Commission is not great when it is utilitarian.  It is reduced to what Dr. Bob Moffitt has called the Greek Commission, to save souls for heaven. It is the Great Commission when it … Continue reading

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 2

What are the foundations of Great Commission Utilitarianism? Every theme or issue has its grounding in a worldview or several worldviews. Utilitarianism was born out of a materialistic, pragmatic worldview. This was driven into Western thinking through secular humanists like … Continue reading

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DNA Materials Mysteriously Appear in Kabul

A friend of mine recently returned from Afghanistan where he worked as a consultant for a major relief and development organization. While spending the night at a Christian guest house in Kabul, he saw sitting on a coffee table, a … Continue reading

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Practicing Compassion

When God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, he passed before him and proclaimed his name (Ex. 34:5-7). What was the first word God used to describe himself? Compassion. Indeed, this quality is at the very center of  his nature. As Marvin … Continue reading

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The Rise, Reduction, and Recovery of Kingdom Mission (Part 2 of 2)

Winter reminds us that “the First Era” of Protestant missions (from 1800 to 1910) was “Kingdom Mission” focused, as the wonderful first chapter of The Legacy of William Carey by Ruth and Vishal Mangalwadi so powerfully illustrates. The “Second Era” (from … Continue reading

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