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The Gospel of Beauty, the Beauty of the Gospel

The folks over at The Gospel Coalition recently blogged about an individual whose legacy has had a big impact in Discipling Nations Alliance: Francis Schaeffer. Darrow Miller spent time at L’Abri and cites Schaeffer’s mentoring as one of the primary influences … Continue reading

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The Visible Results of the Gospel

About ten years ago I began to feel restless about the work of the missionary organization I was part of. To be sure, there was lots to be happy about. We had dedicated missionaries very effective at building relationships in … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Send Us to Engage the Culture?

Dr. Richard Edlin, President of Edserv International, recently wrote a very fine article, IS CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT BIBLICAL? Anyone interested in the concept of “cultural engagement” and whether it has a valid place in gospel ministry would do well to read this paper. … Continue reading

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Great Commission Workshop

We have had the privilege of working with a very artistically talented YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base in Puerto Rico for several years.  This past fall, Darrow was invited to teach for two weeks on topics of the Great … Continue reading

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Transformational Development in Peru

I have often been impressed with the way the Chalmers Center works through indigenous churches to help locals come to understand their own abilities, resources, and dignity while helping them emerge from impoverished circumstances.  Their recent newsletter showcased one example … Continue reading

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The Cultural Mandate and The Great Commission

For the church to be a positive force in creating healthy, prosperous and free societies, it must recover an understanding of the Cultural Mandate found in Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:15. Darrow describes the Cultural Mandate in his new book LifeWork … Continue reading

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What Did Jesus Say?

How does it apply to me? Surely it applies to me differently than his original audience. Or does it? I am always deeply impressed when I read an article about or meet a person who takes the words of Christ … Continue reading

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