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Ideas Have Consequences … A Columbus Day Reflection

Per the subtitle of this blog, we believe that truth has the power to transform culture. That’s why, a few weeks ago, we highlighted Dr. Marvin Olasky’s challenging piece Darwin Matters: The Influence of Evolutionary Thinking Far Beyond Biology. This … Continue reading

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Darwin Still Matters

In 1859 English Naturalist Charles Darwin published his paradigm shifting, world changing book, On The Origin of Species. Darwin argued that the theory of evolution provides an explanation for how life could evolve from natural causes. Academics and humanists, already atheistic … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking Hits the Ceiling

British scientist Steven Hawking is reported to have recently said that heaven is “a fairy story” for people afraid of the dark. As those who believe in heaven, we can either respond with indignation, or we can engage the discussion thoughtfully with … Continue reading

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A Prosperous & Happy Society, Created by Individuals & Institutions, 4/4

Avoiding “The Europe Syndrome” In my last two blogs, we looked at the essential roles of families, churches and civil government in fostering healthy societies, and how socialist and communist states are defined by the encroachment of the civil government … Continue reading

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Reflections on Intelligent Design and Evolution

Wow!  I’ve had a great time over the last few days with an out-of-town guest talking about what is at stake in the debate of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution.  Our conversation started out with normal dialogue about “Is it a … Continue reading

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