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A Child’s Imagination: Seedbed for Good or for Ill, Truth or Lies, Life or Death

Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, president and CEO of Chrysalis International and one of DNA’s ideas shapers, travels the world in her efforts to help churches effectively disciple children and youth. We are happy to offer the following excerpt from Dr. Youmans’s recent newsletter. … Continue reading

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“Never let your children’s schooling stand in the way of their education!”

I’ll never forget the day I heard Francis Schaeffer say that. I was shocked. I had always considered the words synonymous. When I thought of education I pictured the schools I had attended: Overland Avenue Elementary, Palms Junior High, and Hamilton … Continue reading

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A Calling for Christian Professors

Daryl McCarthy decribes how his life was profoundly impacted a few years ago by a stranger who, in his university days, had himself been deeply influenced. … a particularly brilliant professor galvanized his life and radically changed his worldview, his … Continue reading

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Should C.S. Lewis Have Chosen “Full-time Ministry”?

Recently we published a blog about Dr. Daryl McCarthy’s efforts to place Christian academicians in university classrooms around the world. Today we want to return to another important dimension of Dr. McCarthy’s thesis. He begins with the following cogent observation: … Continue reading

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“Doesn’t Wholism Just Send Well-fed, Clothed People to Hell?”

That assertion is sometimes made of a comprehensive approach to Christian ministry such as taught by the DNA. At one level, this is a straw-man argument, an attack of a caricature of wholism. The DNA is not among those who … Continue reading

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Secularism: The Cost of Consumption (Cont.)

The following blog is the third in a six-part series on worldview and work taken from Darrow Miller’s new book LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. Social critic Os Guinness describes the shift away from a … Continue reading

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Darrow Shares Why He Wrote LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day

To learn more or find additional free resources, visit MondayChurch.org. Buy and share LifeWork for only $8.95 until the end of August at disciplenations.org/store.

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A Prosperous & Happy Society, Created by Individuals & Institutions, 2/4

The Family, the Church, & the Government:  What are their roles? At the Disciple Nations Alliance, we champion the role of local churches in social and cultural transformation. As our co-founder, Bob Moffitt is fond of saying, “God’s principally ordained … Continue reading

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Becoming People of Influence in Order to Shape Our Language, Part 2 of 2

James Davidson Hunter, the William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, has written a profound book that helps us understand the impact of language on moral development.  In his book, The Death of … Continue reading

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Becoming People of Influence in Order to Shape Our Language, Part 1 of 2

In reading Scott’s blog on the definition of marriage, I was struck anew that its redefinition has already happened.  As the thinking in the West has shifted from the Biblical worldview that helped to shape Europe (and was foundational to … Continue reading

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