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Look Past the Lizards

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a thousand miles almost due east of Miami. To someone who has spent his career in northern lands, the tropical climate and the lizards are intriguing. But the real story is what God is doing … Continue reading

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Beauty: The Neglected Dimension of the Great Commission

You shall be My witnesses . . . to the remotest part of the earth (Acts 1:8). If we are faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ, what do others discover about Him? Many dimensions, including one rarely proclaimed: his beauty. Your … Continue reading

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The Lord of the Rings and Japanese Rice Fields: What Do They Have In Common?

This week a good friend, Gary Brumbelow (who is also a new Disciple Nations Alliance staff member), sent me this most remarkable set of photographs that reflects the artistry of Japanese rice farmers. Look in wonder and enjoy what these farmers … Continue reading

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Darrow Shares Why He Wrote LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day

To learn more or find additional free resources, visit MondayChurch.org. Buy and share LifeWork for only $8.95 until the end of August at disciplenations.org/store.

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The Universe is Ultimately Beautiful

The Aesthetic That God is the first and perfect artist is attested by the beauty of creation. The fact that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” establishes the metaphysical foundation for all of the arts (painting, … Continue reading

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Influencing Culture through Film

My wife and I were beyond impressed by the recently released DVD, Fireproof.  Only later did I come to discover that all but one of the actors and producers were from the same local church.  Then I found out that … Continue reading

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Is Love Fireproof?

So, I never set out to become the staff member that makes lots of comments about movies and the arts, but I’ve happened upon this role, because I have found that media penetrates my mind and communicates to my heart … Continue reading

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Top Scholars Confirm Truth of Christianity

This is a great article I’ve just finished reading titled Top Scholars Confirm the Truth of Christianity. The gentleman interviewed, Ted Baehr, is an acquaintance of my mentor, Darrow Miller. Ted is an inspiration for many reasons as he is … Continue reading

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Challenging Movie Clip: Volition

I have not seen a film in a long time that has effected me so strongly.  In 15 minutes, this film (titled Volition) explores the choices of action and inaction at three major points in history. Our world truly makes … Continue reading

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 9 & Final

Does our King rule arbitrarily?  No.  He governs through His eternal laws and ordinances.  People and nations will prosper, living within the framework of God’s order.  They will suffer impoverishment and enslavement by choosing to live outside of this order.  We … Continue reading

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