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One Courageous Response to Gendercide – The War Against Females, Part 1 of 2

by Gary Brumbelow and Darrow Miller Over 20 years ago, Dr. Ted Yamamori, the President of Food for the Hungry International, was walking through a refugee camp in Ethiopia. He heard the unmistakable cry of an infant struggling for life. … Continue reading

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Why The Nation Needs the Family

by Dwight Vogt Here in the US it’s an election year and we’re constantly being reminded that the big issues are the economy (i.e. the health of business) and the role of government. Recently, a colleague shared a comment he … Continue reading

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A Response to a Reader … Why So Much Heat?

My recent post Why So Much Heat About Social Justice? Part 2 generated such a thoughtful comment from a reader that I want to use a new post to respond. Thanks, Steve, for taking the time to write. Your remarks suggest that we have a … Continue reading

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Freedom Comes From Religious Education, But Not Just Any Religion

Mike Metzger’s recent essay, The Fourth R caught my attention. (As we wrote here, Mike is the Senior Fellow and President of the Clapham Institute. His weekly DoggieHead Tilt blog is a regular part of my reading.) Mike says the … Continue reading

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Where Do We Get Our Narrow View of the Gospel?

by Bob Moffitt The youth in a church in Central America wanted to provide a day care for their community. They knew that single mothers, with no place to leave their children to find work, were prostituting themselves in their … Continue reading

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The Myth of Personal Convictions

by Gary Brumbelow Maybe because of the inevitable criticism, we Christ followers are sometimes hesitant to bring our Christian worldview to the marketplace of ideas. But that reluctance betrays a misguided notion: that the biblical positions we profess belong to us. … Continue reading

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What Does President Obama Mean by “Equality of Women”?

In his controversial commencement appearance at the University of Notre Dame on May 17, 2009, President Obama tried to square his radical, pro-abortion, culture of death stance with the culture of life community as represented by the Roman Catholic church. … Continue reading

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One Geography, Two Nations: Why is America Becoming More Polarized?

The following post is offered in response to Ben Hoffman’s comments last week. I think most observers of American society would agree that we are becoming more polarized. We are a nation divided. In fact, we are actually two very … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Francis Schaeffer … from a Hippie Who Was Born Again, Again!

Recently I had opportunity to reflect on my hippie days in the 60s and 70s, and especially the life-shaping time for Marilyn and me at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. L’Abri was the home of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. (January 30 being Francis … Continue reading

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Rich Nation, Poor Nation: What Makes the Difference?

When I started working at Food for the Hungry International, nearly 30 years ago, most people in relief and development regarded money as the primary resource for development. The idea that money solves the problems of the poor comes from … Continue reading

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