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Social Justice, Community and Culture: A Final Reflection

Two of the key characteristics of social justice are community and culture. Social justice and community As we saw earlier Roman Catholic scholars, Aquinas, Taparali, and Pope Leo IIIX understood that a woman or man does not stand alone; every … Continue reading

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Why So Much Heat About Social Justice? Part 2

In our previous post we discussed the heat in discussions of social justice. Today we want to answer the question, Where does the heat come from? In a word, the heat comes from different sacred belief systems. One’s paradigm of … Continue reading

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Why So Much Heat Around Discussions of Social Justice?

All people of good will, who have a heart of the poor and vulnerable, who are appalled by the corruption and injustice they see, who are aghast at the slaughtering of females on the scale of a holocaust, who grieve … Continue reading

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Is Social Justice About Equality or Equity?

The goal of some in the social justice discussion is for people to be equal. What does this mean and what does it entail? The U.S. Declaration of Independence sets the high water mark for any civilization: “We hold these … Continue reading

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Reflections on Social Justice – Where did the term social justice come from?

As we saw earlier, the term social justice, while not found in scripture, is clearly rooted in the Biblical cosmology and narrative. But where did the term originate? From its root in scripture, the concept of social justice travels through … Continue reading

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Reflections on Social Justice: First, Define the Terms

After Scott Allen’s recent post, What Exactly Do You Mean By “Social Justice?” our readers asked for more. So this is the first in a series we plan to publish on issues related to social justice. Many young Christians care … Continue reading

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