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Hand That Rocks the Cradle, part 3 of 4

Darrow’s third lecture from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World will demonstrate that: Maternal feminism focuses on nurture, connectedness, interdependence, values necessary for the nurturing of human beings and building a healthy society. Egalitarian feminism is radically … Continue reading

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When Life is No Longer Sacred

William F. Melchert-Dinkel got a thrill from successfully guiding suicidal people toward death. He posed as a sympathetic female using online conversations to encourage “dozens of people to kill themselves.” His counsel sometimes included explicit instructions in suicide methods. When … Continue reading

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Two Missing Boys and What Their Stories Say About Worldview

A society’s treatment of children provides a clear window into its soul. Two news stories this week, from two disparate societies, make a startling contrast. Seven-year-old  Kyron Horman went missing from his rural Skyline Elementary School near Portland, Oregon,  sometime … Continue reading

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The Lord of the Rings and Japanese Rice Fields: What Do They Have In Common?

This week a good friend, Gary Brumbelow (who is also a new Disciple Nations Alliance staff member), sent me this most remarkable set of photographs that reflects the artistry of Japanese rice farmers. Look in wonder and enjoy what these farmers … Continue reading

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