Where Do We Get Our Narrow View of the Gospel?

by Bob Moffitt

The youth in a church in Central America wanted to provide a day care for their community. They knew that single mothers, with no place to leave their children to find work, were prostituting themselves in their homes in order to feed their children.

With the encouragement of workers from Harvest Foundation, the day care was launched.

The denomination had been started by missionaries 90 years earlier. In those 90 years, this was the first outreach not designed to meet spiritual needs only.


Bob Moffitt is co-founder and chairman of Disciple Nations Alliance and executive director of Harvest Foundation

About disciplenations

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2 Responses to Where Do We Get Our Narrow View of the Gospel?

  1. B Wood says:

    Hi Bob,
    I appreciated reading your article and knowing you’re still out there championing the full view of the gospel. I have just finished writing a curriculum for kids called “Remember the Poor” which includes “Kingdom Math” done with pictures instead of numbers and words for kids. We have used it here that and the kids really like it and get it. So, thanks for sharing that so freely. (You won’t know who I am but I used to work with Mauricio Cunha in Brazil and knew Darrow there and am now back home in Canada.) Grace, peace and strength for your continuing work,

  2. Stu (Sisters, Oregon USA) says:

    Refreshing and freeing.

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