The Book that Made Your World

Our good friend Vishal Mangalwadi recently released his latest, and arguably most significant book to date: The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civiliation. We feel so strongly about the book that we purchased a case just so we could make them available to friends of the Disciple Nations Alliance at a deep discount. We have a limited supply, so first come first served! Order your copy here.

Vishal, more than anyone I know, understands historically how the Bible, and the worldview it supports, has given rise to the distinct culture that we in America and the West, inhabit.

Many of us, for example, may take for granted the idea that people possess inherient dignity and thus deserve respect. Vishal says the very idea of human dignity is the fruit of a biblical worldview that defines man (male and female) as made in God’s image, and where God Himself takes on human form in the incarnation. Such a notion of human dignity, he argues, should not be taken for granted, for it is not nearly as common as we might suppose. To illustrate, Vishal offers facinating personal anedotes from his ministry in India, as well as historical and current examples of how Buddism, Hinduism, or postmodern secularism all fail to provide a basis for basic human dignity and rights.

Human dignity is only one area that Vishal covers in this wide-ranging book. He also examines science, reason, democratic goverment, and even music–showing how all of these disciplines draw their sustenance, and in some cases, their very existence,  from the biblical worldview.

As America is in the process of abandoning its Biblical foundation, as the recent passage in New York of a law approving so-called same sex marriage makes clear, this book is urgently needed. This is how Chuck Colson put it in his July 1 Breakpoint column:

I recommend a lot of books on BreakPoint, but this is a must-read. If Western civilization and our way of life are to survive, we must understand and re-embrace the biblical principles and values they were built on.

Read Colson’s whole column here.

Again, you can order Vishal’s book from us for $13.00 while our stock lasts.

Scott Allen

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