The Christian View of Creation

One key catalyst that gave rise to the modern evangelical interest in the environment was Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s small book, Pollution and the Death of Man, first published in the early 70s by Crossway Books.

For many young Christians of the day, including me, this book sparked an interest in the care of creation. Per a recent blog, one of the chapters in this book, entitled “The Christian View: Creation,” was instrumental in framing some of our work on creation as an open system. The same chapter inspired much of what I eventually wrote about the importance of Christian stewardship of creation in my first book, Discipling Nations, and in a paper, Agriculture and the Kingdom of God.

Some other excellent resources for anyone seeking to engage the church in the stewardship of creation are, Care of Creation, Farming God’s Way, and The Cornwall Alliance.

If you are interested in the Christian’s role in caring for God’s gift of creation, these are some places to begin.

– Darrow Miller



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