Sexual Colonialism: The New Legacy of Western Elitism

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Because God designed human beings for relationship, marriage is the bedrock of any society. God intends marriages to produce children and steward the earth. A healthy society requires whole and healthy families. Perhaps the best way to destroy a nation is to destroy her families.

Our increasingly amoral world seeks to normalize illicit sexual behavior, seriously weakening the concept of the traditional family and undermining the health of families. As a result, God’s beautiful design for human sexuality is perverted into ugliness: sex slavery, sex tourism, human trafficking in brides, female infanticide, female gendercide, abortion, anti-natal lifestyles, child neglect, and moral acceptance of gay, lesbian, and transsexual “lifestyles.”

Now the battle has taken a new egregious twist: sexual colonialism.

A few years ago a friend in Central America showed me a fax from an international agency pressuring his country’s government to establish laws allowing so-called “same sex marriage.” Since then, as I travel in the developing world, I hear more and more stories of international initiatives to change the historic, traditional, and Biblical definition of marriage: one man and one woman. In most developing countries, poverty, corruption, abuse of children and women, malnutrition, illiteracy, and low life expectancies are among the most critical problems facing nations. And yet, some of these nations are being pressured to promote “lifestyles” considered by Western elites to be sophisticated and cutting edge.

The latest example? On June 17, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a “gay rights” resolution recognizing the moral legitimacy of gay, lesbian, and transgender behaviors. The measure was pushed by the U.S. State Department, and the European Union, against the wishes of the world’s more traditional societies.

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Our good friend and co-laborer from Uganda, Stephen Langa, has written a critical paper (see the link below) that explores this theme of sexual colonialism. For generations, Western nations exploited the global South with political and economic colonialism. Now the West is using its political and economic muscle to export corrupt sexual practices to the nations of the South. Stephen’s paper documents this Western offense and asks the question, Where is the American church in the fight against sexual colonialism? Stephen’s question applies to sexual slavery as well, and, for that matter to every form of sexual abuse. They are all abhorrent.

If we would see the West survive and the South develop, we must be people who promote, through our words and godly modeling, the absolute significance and beauty of the traditional family.

– Darrow Miller

Resisting Sexual Colonialism by Stephen Langa


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