What Came Out of the Box?

Years ago, when my children were home, I kept a box on the floor of my home office as a receptacle for papers, articles, book chapters, and scraps of paper with notes and fresh ideas I had jotted down. From time to time my children would ask, “Dad, what are all those papers in the box for?” My simple response was, “It is a book in a box!” They would give me a very quizzical expression as if to say “That doesn’t look like a book to me!”

Then one day, the President of Food for the Hungry, and my boss, Dr. Ted Yamamori, said it was time for me to write a book. I translated his permission into blocks of time to review all the materials I had been throwing in the box for ten years. As I analyzed and categorized the materials, and reflected on my collection, a book began to take shape in my mind.

Eventually, my book-in-a-box became Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth To Transform Culture. Many of the materials that were used for the background of the book became known as the Worldview and Development Resource Reader and the larger body of materials was identified as the Annotated Bibliography.

We are starting to post the Resource Reader to a tab on the “Darrow Miller and Friends” blog site. The Annotated Bibliography is also being electronically published.

I hope that friends of the Disciple Nations Alliance and people who have read Discipling Nations will find this bibliography to be a helpful resource.

– Darrow Miller



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