Father Matters

Kudos to Marvin Olasky for his recent post at Townhall affirming that the numbers bear out the truth that one essential part of welfare reform is marriage.

New York Times welfare specialist Jason DeParle said the “biggest surprise” to him as he wrote about poor communities was “just how much yearning there was among the kids and their mothers for the fathers.” None of this is a surprise to those with a biblical worldview. In Genesis, God places us in families.

Here’s another indicator that God built laws into the creation and when we observe them, voila, life works better!

We respect gravity, plant our gardens in the spring, and learn to swim before jumping into the lake. Why? Because we know that living in sync with creation’s laws makes sense. Sometimes it actually saves us from injury or death; always it makes life better.

Encouraging marriage and acknowledging the role of fathers is another example of that.

Olasky’s full column is available here.

– Gary Brumbelow


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