Welcome to “Darrow Miller and Friends”

With this post, the “Disciple Nations Alliance Team Blog” is now “Darrow Miller and Friends.” Why the change? Two reasons.

First, and primarily, this change is happening because the Disciple Nations Alliance is a diverse global movement, whereas the DNA Team Blog has primarily been a means for myself and a few colleagues to share our thoughts and reflections related to the DNA Core Beliefs. The new name, “Darrow Miller and Friends,” better reflects the authorship and content of the entries.

Also, personalizing the blog will allow me to highlight and catalogue papers, articles, and resources that have deeply influenced me, and to make these resources available to others. Please see the Recommended Resources tab above to go to that page.

Will there continue to be a Disciple Nations Alliance blog presence?


Last year, we launched “Disciple Nations Alliance Global News and Updates” to serve as the primary means for communicating stories, updates, and news from the global DNA network. The news and articles there come from a diverse group of champions, trainers, practitioners, and partners reflecting the international DNA community.

The Disciple Nations Alliance e-newsletter highlights stories contained on the DNA Global News and Updates site. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to subscribe to this newsletter here.

We regard the readers of our blog as friends. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on these changes, and on the blog posts themselves. I hope you will continue to subscribe to “Darrow Miller and Friends,” and encourage others to do so as well.

In His Grace,

Darrow Miller



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