Where is the Secular World?

I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Christian Overman for his very generous review of my new book Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry.

Dr. Overman is founding director of Seattle-based Worldview Matters. He wrote:

While reading this book, at times I felt like weeping. I wasn’t sure why, until I got to the last paragraph: “We are living at a kairos moment in church history-a pivotal time where old paradigms are giving way and new ones are emerging.”I then knew my spirit was weeping with God, in a rare combination of relief, joy and hope. Scott Allen has done a masterful job of pulling the important pieces together into one place. His book will remain in my top-ten list of “game changers” for a long time to come. My copy is highlighted throughout, with explanation points, arrows and smiley faces.

Dr. Overman has himself been doing an outstanding series on the sacred-divide at his blog site. I found this entry particularly powerful.

He raises a great question: Where exactly is the secular world? In response, he provides this terrific video interview with author Nancy Pearcey:

You may wish to read some of my earlier blog posts on this topic here and here.

Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry is available through June 30 for 30% off our retail price when you enter the promotional code klspromo.  After that, the price at the DNA website store will be $7.00. If you’d like to see a sample chapter and make a purchase, please visit the Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide website!

– Scott Allen

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