Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry

We have some exciting news!

Scott Allen’s newest Bible study book has just been released from YWAM Publishing and is titled, Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: Towards a Wholistic Life and Ministry.

It is available through June 30 for 30% off the retail price per book (only $4.90!).  Simply type in the promo code “klspromo” when prompted during the checkout process on our store.  After that, the price at the DNA website store will be $7.00. If you’d like to see a sample chapter and make a purchase, please visit the Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide website!


The Bible reveals God as the creator and lord of everything. Yet for many people, including many Christians, this comprehensive worldview has become obscured. A line divides personal faith from daily life, work, and recreation, and we are left feeling fragmented, disconnected, and without purpose.

But God is at work today, leading a generation back to an undivided understanding of the kingdom of God and the earth. What lies beyond the sacred-secular divide? A fulfilling, integrated life that unites faith and action, the spiritual and the physical, Sundays and the rest of the week. God cares about every part, and we have the incredible opportunity to join him in his all-encompassing, redemptive plan for our world. What are we waiting for?


“As Christ-followers, we aim to follow Him in how he ministered on earth to redeem the four relationships lost in the Garden of Eden: man to God, man to man, man to community, and man to nature. Christ’s holistic approach, described in Isaiah 61 and throughout Scripture, is clearly presented in this work by Scott Allen. This book offers a fresh, insightful roadmap for those desiring to imitate Christ in doing impactful Kingdom work.”

 David Denmark
Executive Director, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

“It was the missionaries of old who reminded us that preaching a word-only gospel to hungry people doesn’t work. “Feed them first” was their watchword. Wholistic ministry models are the loving hands and feet of Jesus among the poor, yet the church has forgotten the theological “why” of wholistic ministry. Scott Allen reminds us that if the gospel we preach isn’t whole, we’re not preaching the right gospel. This biblical and practical resource is a must-have tool for Christians seeking to make a difference inside a community of need.”

   Kit Danley
   President, Neighborhood Ministries, Phoenix, Arizona

“This highly accessible study reminds Christians that our Gospel is bigger than individual salvation, that our mission is about the transformation of culture as well as the renovation of the heart, and that the great heroes of our heritage were equally passionate for evangelism and social action. Its Kingdom-oriented message is greatly needed in many churches in order to equip believers for the joyful, missional life Jesus invites us into.”

Dr. Amy L. Sherman
Author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

“Christianity is personal, but it is never private. If Jesus Christ is who He is portrayed as in Scripture, He is Lord over every aspect of creation and human life. Unfortunately, a deep seated dualism continues to plague Christians and the church, fragmenting our view of reality and dividing our allegiances between things “sacred” and “secular.” Scott Allen’s book destroys this dualism and shows how discipleship involves all of our lives, loves, and relationships. I pray this book gains a wide reading. Its message is desperately needed.”

John Stonestreet
Summit Ministries & BreakPoint

“In Great Commission ministry, word and work must go together. Losing one or the other distorts beyond recognition the good news Jesus taught and embodied. Perhaps the greater temptation for many Christians today is to emphasize work without word, leading to powerless liberalism. But others among us may think they have successfully communicated the good news while failing to live it out for those who have not only ears to hear but eyes to see (and stomachs to fill). In any case, missionaries, ministry leaders, pastors, and people in the pews need to absorb and act upon the bracing and potentially life-changing message of this book.”

Stan Guthrie
Editor-at-large, Christianity Today, c
o-author, The Sacrament of Evangelism

“Having been involved with whole person and community transformation for over 30 years through Community Health Evangelism (CHE), I have been waiting for a simple, practical book based on God’s word that helps lay people see and apply the integrated whole of life as demonstrated by our model Jesus Christ. Beyond the Sacred and Secular Divide more than accomplishes this. It clearly reveals Jesus’ ministry, which integrates physical, spiritual, social and emotional life into one whole where the pieces cannot be separated.”

Stan Rowland
Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation
Global CHE Network

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– Scott Allen 


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  1. Linda Morris says:

    Are you on Twitter? Would like to add you to the groups I’m following and retweet easily. I can do it from FB but would rather use Twitter for the great information and resources available through DNA. Thanks for considering this.

  2. Hi Linda,

    We are on Twitter! You can follow us at @dnausa.


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