An Idea Shaper You Need to Know

Bob Moffitt, fellow co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance, and I have been teaching within Youth With A Mission (YWAM) circles since about 1987. For many years, as I would travel and facilitate the Worldview and Development Workshop, people would say “You must know Landa Cope!” I would respond “No! We have never met! Why?” The response would always be, “Because you are teaching the same kinds of things! You need to meet!”

Finally that opportunity came, and I will never forget it. I was at the Lausanne YWAM base. Loren Cunningham, the Founder of YWAM, had asked Landa and I to team teach on the theme of Reviving the Reformation. When Landa began to speak, I was stunned. Her boldness and sense of humor were a breath of fresh air, and her message was indeed very complementary to my own. I understood immediately why so many people had said we needed to meet.

Landa  shares our DNA heart and we consider her one of our Ideas Shapers. She has raised and answered the question: What did God do to take the Hebrew people, a slave people with a slave mindset, out of Egypt and transform them into a free and great nation? The answer to the question is the Old Testament Template.

If you long to see the great commission fulfilled  and  your nation transformed, Landa Cope and The Template Institute will be a tremendous resource for you.  Her book The Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God’s Principles for Discipling All Nations is a must read.

– Darrow Miller


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