The Justice God Requires

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Here in Arizona, we live with the reality of the dry wash, a stream bed that is bone dry most of the year but floods after a desert monsoon. This reminds me of Amos 5:24, But let justice roll on like a river and, and righteousness like a never ending stream.

Amos, the shepherd of Tekoa, was called to prophecy at a time when Israel was prosperous. Their economy, political environment and military were all strong. But the people of Israel became complacent and a moral and spiritual bankruptcy ensued.

God will condemn wealth and power that is gained at the expense of others. Religious fervor and large assemblies don’t impress God; His desire is justice and righteousness among his people.

When a nation’s righteousness and justice ebb and flow like an Arizona stream bed, God is not pleased. He demands of his people a justice and righteousness like a never ending stream.  Plants and animals struggle to survive in the desert, but they flourish where the water runs deep and  free all year long. So too,  human beings waste away in a climate of wickedness and corruption, but they thrive in a culture of integrity and justice.

May our worship of the God who is True, Good, and Beautiful, produce lives and societies that create corresponding cultures. Then people and nations will flourish.

– Darrow Miller

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