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Many of our readers recognize the name Vishal Mangalwadi. Vishal is a close friend and brother in Christ. We had the privilege of assisting him with his recent book “Truth and Transformation” by developing the study guide. I urge you to read this important letter and pray about your response to Vishal’s vision.  – Scott Allen

Every Roman judge acknowledged that Jesus and Paul were innocent, yet it wasn’t “self-evident” to any of them that they had “inalienable Rights” to life and liberty. [Go here for the rest of the article.]


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2 Responses to Join the Revelation Movement

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  2. Ana Roncal says:

    I do not only “like” all these material… I find it tremendously helpful now that we are holding presidential elections in Perù (April). The “pragmatic” trend, along with the “pluralistic” idea of “tolerance” reigns in the language… unless Christian raise their voices, it will be an absolute reign. But it won’t be so. Thanks for alolwing us to nurture of fresh and sharp thinking which refresehes and encourages to raise a voice…

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