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  • Missions Conference at Covenant Community Church; Jan. 9-10; Darrow Miller and Scott Allen; Scottsdale, AZ. Contact Gretchen Twogood.
  • Missions Conference; January date TBD; Darrow Miller; Laguna Niguel, CA. Contact Bob Evans.
  • Monday Church Seminar; Feb. 13 or 20 TBD; Darrow Miller and Scott Allen; East Valley Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ. Contact Cindy Benn or Tyler Johnson.
  • Nurturing the Nations Conference; May 9-15; Darrow Miller; YWAM base in Guadalajara, Mexico. Contact Cindy Benn.
The Disciple Nations Alliance is a global movement with a common vision:
To see engaged, high-impact local churches affecting real transformation in their communities and in sufficient mass to disciple their nations. Your gift will help us realize this vision! Donate online or email us about becoming a monthly supporter.Visit us at www.DiscipleNations.org or call us at (602) 386-4560.
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3 Responses to Fall Stories of Impact & News to Inspire!

  1. Bob Evans says:

    CORRECTION – the January event with Darrow Miller in Laguna Niguel is a Marketplace conference rather than “missions” – titled Supernatural Marketplace – an annual conference at Vineyard Community Church whose theme is to cast a vision of the marketplace as a place of mission, calling, and ministry (to use DNA language, release the Monday church), and to encourage and empower people in their occupation. Dates are January 21-23 2009, cost and registration information to be released soon. Darrow will be speaking on themes from Lifework.

    Bob Evans

  2. I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a little bit to find your site…but I book marked it. Would you mind if I but a link back to your site?

  3. Hi Lisa, that would be fine! Thank you for your note! You can view our main site (which links to the blog) at http://www.DiscipleNations.org. Blessings!


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