Historic Vision Conference in Togo

This just in from DNA Trainer Chris Ampadu in West Africa:

Last week’s visit to Lome, Togo for a Vision Casting amongst denominational leaders was phenomenal. Samaritan Strategy Africa has been working in Togo for the past five years but it has been very difficult to bring all the churches together and they are divided in most fronts and some of the heads cannot even meet to talk. Through our team leader, Pastor Happy, l wrote to all the heads of denominations and church federations for a vision casting event and without knowing me, almost all of them responded to my invitation. For some of the pastors, it was a miracle to see some opposing pastors sitting together to listen to the wholistic transformation message and later spending an hour discussing issues that were raised. For the first time in the history of the church in Togo, we had these key leaders sit and even eat together. It was historic and God glorifying and Pastor Happy couldn’t hide his joy when he said “Today, the heavens are rejoicing because such a gathering of church leaders has taken place in this country.

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