Truths for an Uncertain Economy

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone!  🙂

I wanted to share an excerpt from a newly published book, Mixing God with Money:  Strategies for Living in an Uncertain Economy. This has been written by one of our Board Members/Global Leadership Team members and we are in the process of posting it on our Store.  Dennis Tongoi, of Kenya, has experienced grave financial times in his personal life and studied to discover God’s role in recovering from debt in the African context.  His insight extends beyond all boundaries to offer biblical truth in building a strong foundation for finances.

Here is an excerpt from one of the sections that was important to me.  Tongoi asks, “So how can we tell whether we are testing or trusting God in the matter of money?”  He then expounds upon principles that have helped him discern between greed/testing God and faith/trusting God.

Principle One:  Greed is Manifested by Haste.  Faith Results in Patience.
Perhaps, like me, you are sometimes not willing to wait.  Whenever I need to make any financial decisions, I am learning to apply the wait test.  I know that my heart is predisposed to greed. . .
Faith is patient.  Whenever I see haste, I know that it is not of God.  Waiting allows God to intervene and confirm.  The bigger the decision, the more important this principle is.  (pages 30-31)

Tongoi continues with many other principles that help us realize God’s character in our financial decisions.  So often in America, we make decisions quickly that cost us steeply in the end.  If we take the time to pray and include God in our decisions, thinking carefully about all of our other financial commitments and long-term goals, we are more likely to make decisions that we will be proud of–and honor God.

–Tim C. Williams


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